Ideas For One-Meal Dinner (Lamb Briyani And Raita)

I like serving simple dinner dishes for the family. But, my definition of a simple dinner could range from a simple four-season salad to a full blown roast beef or lamb, roast chicken with garlic mash potato. Our East-Meets-West dishes may be rice served with chicken black pepper, rice with sambal tempoyak ikan bilis (for me and The Teenager) and fried chicken (for George).

I know the sambal tempoyak ikan bilis will please The Teenager’s taste bud to no end.

Last night I decided to cook something comforting for George. He enjoys his Indian food and it has been a long week for all of us.

And so, lamb-briyani served with raita on the side was it!

Beautiful long-grained basmati cooked in special briyani spices and lamb cubes. Lamb cubes were earlier marinated with the briyani spices and yoghurt to enhance the flavour. It was later simmered slowly before joining the cooked basmati rice in another pot . Layering the pot alternately with the cooked lamb cubes and rice, the briyani was later then sprinkled with mint for added flavour.

On the side was a simple raita – cubes of fresh cucumber, Bombay onions, fresh green chilis and yoghurt.



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