Jane Goes To The Vet, Again

Our tiny bundle – Jane has not been poo poo-ing properly for the past few days and I was worried.

So off we went for a short jalan-jalan to visit Dr Ong. Blackie came along too so that he could be looked at. He still has his runny nose. Just like a little boy, he make a big fuss and had to be persuaded to get into the carrier.

Jane apparently had constipation and something needed to be done. The vet needed to administer enema to relieve the blockage in the bowel.

Oh! Great! ;-(

Now, I have never seen an enema being administered to a cat, let alone to a kitten. Oh well, there’s always a first time to everything, right?

This was Jane just before the procedure…..

My poor baby…;0((

During the procedure, I was there to sooth her by stroking her head and talking gently, telling everything will be alright. Jane, being a good girl as she is, was quite cooperative. And oh, boy there was so much of…errr..poo…that came out from that tiny body!

All was well and fine after that.

Blackie got his new medicine and can’t come out to play with his friends for the next one week or so. I know he wont appreciate that.

It has been a long day for everyone today. But, the tiredness just gone away when I look at all the furbabies.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to love this?

(Whistle -cuteness overload)





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