World Bloggers And Social Media Awards

I have been blogging for a few years but never thought to enter into any blogging competition, until a couple of days ago.

Over the several years of blogging, I have written topics that run across from relationships, love, youth, food, travel, pets, a little bit of politics, law, religion, travel, life. All of these topics have touched my life and all of the people around me. On some days where I was just lost for words, I’d put some pictures that reflect what I have in mind, or whatever that I am feeling for the moment.

There were several phases where I had writer’s block. The mind just went numb and refused to spill out intelligent words. It just went blank.

The first few hundred posts covering the first couple of years of blogging reflected of the time when I was recovering from a phase where I was picking the pieces in my life. They were intense posts, filled with reflections of life, self internalization and affirmation for myself that I am still an individual.

As time passes by, the posts have mellowed down, somewhat. I became less critical of life’s issues. Words mellowed.

A lot of readers have written to me saying how my observations on life are pretty vocal, loud and can sometimes unconventional. I agree. I see things as they are and will say it as it is. If I have my way, this blog will become either PG18 rated or above.

But the last thing I want to be known in the blogosphere is as an obnoxious blogger. I do not blast individuals with derogatory names, neither do I question someone’s faith as that is between the individual and his Maker. Ok, so….maybe I have blasted a few people before but with very, very good reason. I hate to be dragged into the current waves of politically correct of writing about some “supposedly” banned breads or sauces or lambasting individuals that I do not fancy of interacting by calling his mother being the cheapest whore in this part of the city.

Unfortunately, some people do that. Why? I have a theory for this. They get a kick out writing all these derogatory words, hiding behind the safe veil of the laptop. They forget that being a blogger or a writer of any medium, you are responsible for your own writing.

I do not fancy being loud to be at a point of being an obnoxious, toxic individual. Being a toxic person should be banned from this planet because they kill other people from deep within, they erode other people’s faith by creating a platform for hatred which is unsanctioned by God.

Anyways, rant, rant, rant…..

I have submitted my blog under the Most Vocal Blog category to The World Bloggers And Social Media Awards 2012.

If you have enjoyed my writings so far, please feel free to visit the website of Social Media Award and vote for my blog. The blog is called Life Is One Big Stage. I have just entered it yesterday so hopefully the numbers will increase in days to come. The online voting ends on 6th February 2012. A simple sign up will take you to the category page. Honestly, I have no idea what are the prizes but that doesn’t matter. For those who have voted for me, thank you so much.


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