As The Year Of The Water Dragon Enters

(Hanie blogging from the comfort of her air conditioned room, slowly recovering from a bout of terrible cough and high fever. She has been sick! Ughhhhh!)

The Daughter and I came from Langkawi last 29th January. Between then and now, I lost track of at least a good four days of my life due to high fever, terrible cough, unbelievably painful body aches and mega headaches. I got sick one afternoon and woke up a few days later the following week. That’s it! 4 days was gone! I lost 5kg too. As I drifted slowly in between the high fever induced sleeps, I was hallucinating.

I thought I saw George putting on his favourite black shirt and was standing by the door, telling me he’s going to Thailand.


Then, I found myself standing in the metropolis of Jakarta.


Somewhere in between reality and hallucination, I thought I saw these ginormous black mosquitoes flying in perfect formation just above our bed. I woke George up alright.

In between of all of these, there’s The Daughter who came in several times to check on me and asking me questions about this and that. At 10.00 pm. At 3 am. At 4 am. I lost track. I think she refused to think that her mama is not a super woman who can’t get sick.


I am recovering and hopefully fast enough to get started on things. I have to get some project papers going, meetings to attend. I got furkids to play with as well.

The trip to Langkawi was great. Met new friends, learn new things, saw new stuff. I will do it again and hopefully soon.

Stay tuned for next pieces. I’ve plenty of pictures to post and stories to tell. There’s the bad, bad dining experience at the seafood restaurant in Langkawi, the island hopping story, our volunteering experience at an animal sanctuary and also my self realization on several things about life. See? Exciting stuff.


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