Island Hopping Tour In Langkawi (And Why Monkeys Drink Beer On Pulau Beras Basah)

The Daughter and I arrived in Langkawi in the early morning of that Sunday. Took a taxi from the airport to the chalet and dropped off our bags before getting ready for an early morning island hopping tour.

I love the ocean and have gone for this island hopping tour for many times. I just love the smell of the ocean and wondered who will join my group for that morning.

The first stop was at the Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of The Pregnant Maiden). Saw the swimming monkeys looking for crabs on the shore of the island. It was low tide. So many boats with tourists.

Can you see the outline of the pregnant maiden?

The minor trekking uphill to reach to the Lake of The Pregnant Maiden was alright. We stopped several times to capture the pictures of the monkeys found along the trail. Some were seen busy grooming each other. So cute!

Lake of The Pregnant Maiden is a fresh water lake found on the island of the Pregnant Maiden. On days when there are not so many tourists, the lake looks so calm, reflecting shades of green and blue from the surrounding lush jungle and the sunny sky.

The cat fish pool which used to attract so many people is gone. I was told that the otters would come to eat the cat fish, and they just disappear.

The trip took us to see an eagle feeding session as well. There were less eagles that morning as I think they were already full by the previous feeding sessions that may have started since early morning. I caught sight of a few of this majestic looking eagles. Big, with powerful wings, the eagles flew in circles, occasionally sweeping down near the surface of the water to catch fish and the chicken meat thrown in by boat men.

The last stop was at Pulau Beras Basah (Island of The Wet Rice). The island is one of the accessible jump-points in Langkawi. Years ago, I recall of pristine, white beach with beautiful clear water and lush green forests. Now, the beach is littered with garbage, dead corals and a stretch of beach that does not look appealing at all. Hungry and thirsty looking monkeys were on the beach, rummaging through garbage and soda cans.

We saw a group of young local boys taunting a few monkeys by throwing several beer cans towards them. Feeling upset with what we saw, we told off the boys. So no cool. I just felt like throwing cans to their heads and telling their mothers about their sons’ behaviour.

There is no real fresh water supply on the beach so toilet is a real issue. How can you have a popular beach filled with people, and NOT have a toilet? I wonder whether they expect people to get inside the water to poo and pee? CRAZY!

Not only that, there is only one small fresh water well that is filled with floating Styrofoam and cans. The Daughter gave up her mineral water to a young looking monkey. I filled up a few buckets of the fresh water, filled up a few cups fashioned from several mineral water bottles with this water and gave to the monkeys. Several mommy monkeys with tiny babies clinging down from their bellies came out from the bush.

Poor things.


I have a suggestion. This suggestion is addressed to LADA, or Tourism Ministry, to the Fishermen Association whose members ply the islands with the tourists dollars, or whoever who has financial agenda deriving from tourism in Langkawi :-

Create a small fund to manage the cleanliness of these popular islands. Now, dont bicker over who should be running the fund. Create a consortium instead with voting rights to manage the fund. Remember, the beauty of these islands are your source of income. When the beauty is gone, so is the tourist dollars. When there is no tourist dollars, no income.

Simple maths.

To the local tourists who thinks it is cool to feed beer to monkeys, to treat our nature like giant dumpster:-



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