My V Day Is Everyday

For many years I was so use of not receiving any Valentine’s Day presents or flowers. It frustrated me up to a point where I would buy flowers and send them to myself. The ex never really bothered to ask, and never really understood why I wanted flowers.

And now with the New Love Of My Life, I realized that I dont really have to wait for V Day to get all the attention that I want, or sweet gifts. George is good at lavishing me with all these sweet stuff irregardless of V Day or not. Small kisses and all the I love yous. Sweet text messages whenever he is on his lunch break.

I realized that my previous longing for flowers was to compensate for something that I didnt get in other forms.

Tonight, instead of joining the commercialized dinner crowd in the city, we planned to create a special roast for family dinner. Perhaps roast with special mustard glaze and simple side salad. Will take out the china and linen too. I am still thinking about the dessert.


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