Rescue Of 4 Kittens At Phileo Damansara

I was skimming through the updates on the group’s wall when my eyes saw a posting by a fellow rescuer about four kittens who were found nursing from their dead mommy. The poor mommy cat was knocked down by a motorist. Someone who was working in the area of Phileo Damansara saw the sad scene and alerted another friend, who posted on the group’s wall.

I was the closest to Phileo Damansara. I couldnt think of anything sadder than to think about these 4 kittens and their mommy. I just had to do something.

I called Leonard Pang for exact location of the kittens. He was the one who found them behind a Japanese restaurant. Rushed out from home with a carrier and prayed that the kittens are ok. The drive was a breeze although parking in the area of Phileo Damansara was a real pain.

I walked past tables and chairs of the many cafes at the boulevard. So many curious eyes looked. I didn’t care. I was looking for the Japanese restaurant. And, then, there, I saw a small cardboard box behind the Japanese restaurant. A few restaurant workers, as if recognizing my rescue carrier, waved at me.

I found out from the workers that the mommy’s carcass was thrown in the big garbage bin somewhere behind the building. I requested from one of them to help me look for mommy cat so that it can accorded a proper burial.

Four tiny kittens which must have been only a few days old. Sadness consumed me.

The four kittens safely placed in the carrier and carrying a dead mommy cat in a black bag in one hand, I walked back to the car. A kind-hearted lady who works in Taman Tun agreed to help bury the poor mommy cat. I was too grateful as the garden at our home is no longer viable for another burial.

Alhamdulillah, 2 of the kittens were fostered by a lady, Fariza, who has a mommy cat by the name of Zoey. The third kitten was fostered by Hadi whose Bella was only too happy to nurse it. The fourth kitten has a slight injury to its body and hind legs. Most probably the injury was sustained when the mommy carried him to join the other three.

The hind leg was swollen and filled with puss. The vet needed to introduce a tiny cut to drain the puss out and to reduce the swelling.

Kitten on Saturday after vet’s trip.

Kitten today, Monday after her milk feeding session. I have to use the syringe to feed her as nursing bottle is way too big for her tiny mouth. She opens her eyes today.

Jane playing big sister to tiny kitten. I love these kids!


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