Farewell My Two Furbabies (Tiny Kitten And Potato)

Tiny kitten

The tiny kitten which was rescued last week has crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. I really have no idea what happened to the poor thing. It was still active last night, and was feeding well. This morning right after I came back from the city, I picked it up but noticed that he was slightly shrunk in size….oh uh…not a good sign, I thought.

I fed him with his regular milk. Right after that, he went quiet and slipped away….

The sad thing is that just last night, Hadi the foster dad who took in the other white sibling, pm-ed me via FB telling that the other kitten died too.

RIP my little one….

Potato crossed the Rainbow Bridge Too.

I heard a commotion right in front of the house. When I walked out to see, I saw the two stray dogs again. They have been terrorizing the cats and passersby in the neighbourhood.

I heard this strange whimper that came out from the storm drain and saw a cat lying in there. I had no idea which one of the furbabies. Had to crawl inside and dragged the whimpering cat, and I thought it was Miss Ug as its body was all covered in blood and mud. There was mud everywhere, even in its ears and mouth.

Then I saw patches of orange coloured fur peeking out among the dirt. It was Potato! I screamed for The Daughter, telling her we need to rush to the vet.

I felt that it took ages to drive to Kristy’s Ark in Uptown. There was no time to drive to Petfirst. Potato was whimpering so loud, poor baby was in so much pain. Parking was a bitch. I didnt care. I parked parallel to the road and rushed to the vet.

The usual drill. Told the vet that Potato is at least 10 weeks down in her pregnancy and bitten by stray dogs. She was in extreme shock, and might lose the babies too.

We waited. Felt like ages. Had no idea what would happen and we prayed for a miracle to happen.

Dr Kristy came out. Announced that we lost Potato. Even more shocking, she told me there was no kittens. The pregnancy looked like an ectopic one, or she had given birth prematurely but still there were left overs of blood clot in her uterus.

I looked at her long, slender and motionless body on the operating theater. Numbness consumed my body. I couldn’t believe that I have just lost another cat to the stray dogs!

As time goes by, it has never get any better when dealing with a furbaby who pass on. It just doesn’t. The pain, the anger, the helplessness, the tears – they are all there. Like a sick drama, it recycles the emotions and feelings; it doesn’t fail each time.

God, please give me this continuous strength to provide and care for the other furbabies and may the ones who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge be happy and well.

Farewell my babies as you have gone to a better place where there are no sickness, no cold floors, no stray dogs.


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