My Little Whistle Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

I nursed you with bottle when you were just a tiny 2 weeks old. My friend who was working at this hotel in the city called me up to say that her housekeeping department found a tiny kitten on the 22nd floor of her hotel. She was wondering whether I would take in another kitty.

The same night I picked you up from Aunty Mira who was kind enough to fetch you up earlier. There you are in the carrier. I heard you first. You sounded like this shrilling whistle. Then, I saw you – so tiny and adorable looking furbaby.

You just simply loved your bottle!

I already miss your tiny meows, your sweet baby scent. And I miss to kiss your paw paw the most.

Just a couple of days ago I was burying Potato and the tiny kitten next to Belle. Emi and Liza helped to dig the resting place. I told her that in my mind, my dad-in his favourite baju melayu- is standing with his hands on his hips. “She is sending more kids!!!”, he must have said.

And today, I hope he can offer compassion for my Whistle who had crossed the Rainbow Bridge after being attacked by a pack of stray dogs late last night. She is no longer in pain.

I realized that all these furbabies are only on loan from God. He will take them away to a better place when the time comes. I am on borrowed time with them. George says to only focus on the love and care we have been able to provide to these strays and rescued cats. To think of the better life we provide them, far better than the streets, away from cold and hunger.

I have come to redha (accept) this fact, Ya Allah. That everything has its place and time and Your creatures will go back to You when the time comes.

May you have all the nenen (milk) that you love my baby.


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