Interview By Meow Magazine

I feel so honoured when Charyen called me up to ask whether Meow Magazine could do a write up on the furbabies and me. Wow! Me?;-)

And so, one evening, the well known photographer Teng Wei came to the house for the photo session. I never knew that taking photos with these kids can be so much …..errr….trying….

Amadeus was nowhere in sight. Zeus was being himself – so full of himself…Uncle Kucing was very cooperative, and so was baby Whistle and Blackie. The rest were restless. Didnt like to meet our guest and didnt like to be held at one spot.

I was sweating like nobody’s business. This is hard work! In the end, I just simply love his finished work! Beautiful pictures capturing the best moments of me and the furbabies

With Uncle Kucing

With Princess

The front cover of Meow Magazine, February 2012 issue.

You can get the soft copy here. The hard copies can be obtained at all leading vets and pet shops.


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