The Man Who Shall Remain Nameless

Dear Mr The Man Who Shall Remain Nameless

I read your blog and FB every day. I hate reading them actually but I have to because, you see, I am a troll. A troll because I wanted to make sure that whatever you write about me will be captured in my print screen.

So that my lawyers will see it and add them up to the file which is already sky high thick.

I also hate the ten gadzillion typo errors you made. I wonder whether the keyboard is faulty or your fingers are? Your language structure sucks. SUCKS BAD TIME. Each time I read your postings I almost cry. THEY SUCK!

No wait. I did cry. I cried reading all the stupidities that you wrote. The obscene words, the whore  and bastard name-calling. I cried because I was amazed that there is such person as you living on this earth.

Each time you call someone a whore or stupid, I count them in my book. I would love to call you names too but there are no dictionaries in the world that can describe the words that I really want to call you.

In fact, not only that I want to call you names, but I would love to meet you face to face and show you how I really feel. If there are no laws in Malaysia, I would have been the most creative person to show you how I really feel.

Dear Mr The Man Who Shall Remain Nameless,

For the moment, I just wanted to tell you that I hate you. Very much. Truly much. I hate the way you write, the way you write your ideas and thoughts in your brain (is there brain up there? Hello…? I can almost hear echos…..), the smug look on your face, the pictures of your dirty home, the righteous words that sprouted from your mouth.


Just wait and see when justice prevails when you will run out of hair to sell to pay for my lawyers’ fees and my lawsuit.

Oh. By the way? You just love posting in every chat room and forums about how you hate the life in Malaysia. You said that the Government sucks because they don’t want to help you. You said that life in other countries are better. That their policies are better.

Hello? Not happy? Please make your way to the National Registration Department of Malaysia, renounce your citizenship and ship yourself out to elsewhere.

See where else in the world where you are not dragged into jail for calling the Prime Minister’s wife a whore. Thank the lucky stars too that the ISA act has been abolished. This is the same guy whose wife you had called a whore.



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