Parenting Teenager 101 – Take Away The Laptop

I saw this You Tube on a friend’s page about a frustrated dad on his 15 year old teenager. I know how he feels and I know exactly why he did what he did. I think if this happens to a Malaysian family, this kid will face the cane or worse still booted out from the house. Some kids, as much as being loved and cared for has this strange brain whenever they think. They think life is tough because they have to come back home by 10pm, set the table for meals, having to wash the dishes, go for religious classes, sweep the floors, make up their bed, or parents dont want to buy the Iphone for them.

Kids, try slogging your asses off by working 5 days a week (or maybe more), having to face office politics, paying mortgage, the car, Astro (for your viewing pleasure), credit card, paying insurance, worrying about your studies, cook you healthy food (which is costly) so that you can grow big and strong, your school, saving for your college/university, thinking about your future in case the parents kick the bucket in the next hour…the list goes on and on.

And you think making coffee is hard work?

I feel like smacking somebody’s kid. I really do.



One Reply to “Parenting Teenager 101 – Take Away The Laptop”

  1. I can honestly say i agree with you! I think that the reason kids are so bad today is they have too much time on their hands. We could take a large piece of land then go and get the kid and teach them to work for their own. We could help the people in our communities that are going hungry and teach the kids what it is like to work for something and actually be tired at the end of a day from something other that playing a video game. It is true,not all kids grow up this way,but those that don’t are the minority in today’s world. I think I better shut up. Oh, and one more thing, Don’t let them blame it on ADD,ADH,or what ever they call it.That has always been around.

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