Let’s Party With Catnip

The kids have been restless. The weather has been really hot and humid. I think they need a little bit of fun to take their minds off from the heat.

And so, me the loving mommy drove all the  way to a secret location in Kelana Jaya to grab a few bunches of the pokok galak kucing (local catnip).

Nice, healthy looking pokok galak kucing good to go in the car boot. I knew the kids would love it.

The party begins. The party goers seems to take their time to sashay in.

Athena claiming one of the plants.

Zeus looking stoned happy with his pokok galak kucing.

Marcus Antonius: Mama? I am feeling very happy…

Me: Good boy, Marcus.

Bubble and Prince….sleeping after a tiring couple of hours playing with the plant.


How To Blend In A Crowd

Days ago I asked George whether would he be interested to escort me for a gathering. He said, yes. And there we were, at 8.00 am on a Sunday looking for what seemed to be an almost impossible parking spot in Titiwangsa Lake area.

Finally after a while, we did a Malaysia Boleh parking stunt, just like everyone else, and walked to the function hall where we were greeted by my friend, Shima.

I think we were the only couple who looked different enough to stand out from the rest. George looked too white to be a Malay and I was not wearing a head cover like most of the other ladies. Shima handed us a couple of dark blue t -shirts.

And this was how we looked……….

Cute huh?

The 4,000-strong staunch UMNO members from the Federal constituencies.

Spa Cinta Mahsuri

I was at my client’s place yesterday to provide moral support for her training session in post natal traditional care. I am so proud of her. Shima has been in the industry for more than 16 years and this was her first training session for “berbengkung” (body wrappings).

In between the breaks………..(Left) Farah, Shima and me.

The first batch of students.

Cinta Mahsuri Spa offers Malay traditional post natal massage, body care and traditional massage using natural herbs. They also offer short programs on post natal care and traditional massage. Let me know should anyone is interested with the programs.

Congrats Shima!

CRE & CSQS Roundtable Session

21 March 2012 @ Qi Building, Petaling Jaya. Me with Mr Jason Chu, Chairman- Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium Ltd.

Excellent attendees, great panelists and equally great discussions.


What I Learnt Today

Today I learnt that:

  • Whatever I do,  I will make a difference. I want to earn the right to look back at something and say, ‘I did that.'” (inspired from the quote of  Michael Josephson, a Law Professor and Speaker)


  • Hear the meaning within the word. (quoted by William Shakespeare)


  • There are no classes in life for beginners: right away you are always asked to deal with what is most difficult. (quoted by Rainer Maria Rilke, a Bohemian-Austrian poet)


  • The people with whom you work reflect your own attitude. If you are suspicious, unfriendly and condescending, you will find these unlovely traits echoed all about you. But if you are on your best behavior, you will bring out the best in the persons with whom you are going to spend most of your working hours. (quoted by Beatrice Vincent, a poet)

I Must Have Done Something Right As A Mom

Last night, George and I went to The Daughter’s new apartment. It is about 15 minute’s drive from our own home. It was our very first visit to her place. I was thrilled!

We brought along some house warming gifts – a set of tableware, some mugs which  I think will be useful, and a dish rack. I am pretty sure that a good dish rack will come in handy for any new kitchen.

The new apartment is still quite bare as several new furniture will only come in next month. The place looks clean. She proudly showed us around. There are 3 rooms all together. Her own room is a lot smaller than her old room back home but she doesnt mind it. There is a small balcony overlooking to several other apartment blocks. Beyond it I can see the nearby big mall that we frequent to. She told me that it would take about 15 minutes of walking to her new work place.

She looked great! The Daughter spoke of her new job excitedly. Spoke of her friends, her new place and a lot of other stuff. As we both stood at the balcony, she asked me of the furbabies at home especially Rexton. I told her I was a little hesitant to let Rexton lives with her on the 4th floor. We certainly dont want any Super Cat flying down from the high floor.

I observed her more as she flicked her long hair. Was this the same little bundle of 2.2kg baby that I held in my arms 21 years ago? There was this smart, intelligent, great looking young lady who spoke confidently about her life standing in front of me.

As George and I walked towards the lift to go home, she accompanied us. We hugged. I told her how much I love her and to take care of herself.

She thanked us for the visiting and the gifts as she bowed slightly to show her gratitude.

I almost thought an alien had just snatched our daughter away and replaced her with some kind of a human-looking body with manners-and-wits-and-maturity program embedded in her system.

I am so proud of her. We are very proud of her.

It feels great knowing that I must have done something right in my life.

Academia World

After waiting for the “right” time to continue my studies, finally the “right” time has arrived.

I will be back to school on a part time basis, starting in April.


How To Get As Close As Possible To Mel Gibson

I supposed this is the closest, ever, that we can get close to Mel Gibson. Not to touch him personally, but to be able to wear the suit that his tailor made.

Fitting time at the tailor.


Dont you think that my George looks dashing in his new suit? The suit made by the very same tailor who did Mel Gibson’s suits.

How cool was that?


Hubby came back earlier today. I was on the phone with a client while watching Tiny Jane playing with her paper ball. This furball just woke up from her beauty sleep and decided that she wanted to play.

The one-track minded me didnt realize the thunder and lightning outside.

It rained heavily and I went upstairs to have a chat with George. I came down a few minutes afterwards. The rain was still heavy. I could hear the winds against the rambutan tree and the heavy rain drops falling onto the roof. Thank God for the rain, I thought. The weather was hot and humid since morning.

I saw Prince sleeping peacefully on the sofa. I gave him a tummy scratch which he usually loves. Called out for Jane.

Oh Jane…….!


No Jane except for Zipper and Athena who came by and rubbed their bodies gently against my ankle.




My heart almost stopped. Tears started to well in my eyes. I could not breath properly. My throat felt constricted, body shivering and I began to realize that I was on a verge of a panic attack.

Where could she be??

I walked out to the porch, called out her name. Looked everywhere at all the various corners of the house. I double, no, triple checked the seats of the dining table where she would usually play hide and seek. I checked her favourite hammock. No Jane.

I opened up the back door thinking how impossible it would be for her to walk to the back alley. But I didnt want to chance it. With an umbrella in hand, I walked out in the rain, in search of Little Jane.

Water in the storm drain has started to swell up. Ya Allah, I prayed. Please do not let anything harm her….

Did a few rounds of checking at the front of the house, near the neighbours’ houses and also the back alley. How could she have gone out from the house?

Finally, exhausted, sad and angry with myself, I sat on the wooden chair on the porch.

The rain finally receded. The earth was wet. The leaves on the rambutan tree was swaying gently. I could hear water still rushing out in the storm drain.

Where is Little Jane….?

I walked out to the front gate and called out her name.

And there she was!! Her gray but wet tiny body at the neighbour’s house across the road. How on earth did she get there? Could she have followed Midnight? I had no idea.

I ran across, eyes blurry with tears. She came out from the porch but due to the light rain, she went back in.

You are so grounded, Young Lady!! 

The Daughter’s New Sofa Bed Has Arrived

The Daughter mms-ed me this picture earlier today. Looks like the furniture shop was kind enough to send it over the weekend instead of having her waiting for the next few days.

A sofa bed as red and vibrant as she is.;-)