Are You Really Listening? Hear My Pleas.

A lot of friends know that I have been grieving over the past many months over my children who died from the two stray dogs who practically live under the culvert near my home.

But, many didn’t pick up the help that I need. Many of them have no idea how much efforts we have put into looking for solution to end this woe. After a while, I see the wall of hurdles is getting higher and higher.

I have contacted several other groups, NGOs, shelters, friends. I understand things take time. That there are so many shelters who are brimming full of rescued animals and in dire straits of fund. I know. I know that some friends have qualm about taking in extra dogs.

In between the calling, pleading, emails – six of my furbabies, my children whom I rescued from the streets, drains and food courts, hand fed every few hours – they died after being bitten by the dogs.

The neighbours’ cats died. The joggers have to carry sticks, The Daughter’s friends who ride bikes avoid taking the corner for fear of being chased, security guards who do their rounding are chased.

I don’t even want to step to the back alley especially at night.

The possibility of calling the town council sounds better and better each day. And this hurts me because I know exactly what the fate of these two dogs would be. I am torn, completely. But given the option of choosing between my children and the dogs, the choice is a pretty obvious one.

There is a serious irony in all these things. For those who are quick to judge me as not being an animal lover, I don’t give a crap about what you think. 

Instead of acting holier than thou – by giving me, no, make that instructing me, to build a 6 feet fences around the house, confining them within so that they can have a reasonable freedom, you, are still not addressing the two stray dogs.

The only word they hear is “cat”. They didn’t hear that I am reaching out. Joggers will still jog with their sticks. People who passes by carry sticks. Guards are being chased. Nothing will change.

The dogs will still be there.

And all these holier than thous will keep on clanking behind their netbooks telling other people what they should have done, or how they are not genuine animal lovers.




Name calling.

Point again.

Maybe that makes them feel great about themselves. And, I was quoting that from a vet who is also a rescuer.

I believe that the reason why people are so quick to judge is because they themselves have no real solution to the issue. This frustrates them to no end. The so-called solution they provide may not work for other people but hey, it is for the good of the two strays who have attacked my six children, chase neighbours and guards, right?

Try walking in other people’s shoes before judging. Be empathetic, sympathetic and respectful towards other people’s pain. If you can’t offer solution, say so. It will not be offensive at all.

On another note, we are looking at a possible ray of hope to address this issue in the next few weeks. The hope comes in a form of a helpful vet and a couple of friends. They agreed to help and have gone out of their way too. The strays will be caught, spayed/neutered first before being rehomed.

Thank you guys for not quick to judge and for listening to my pleas.



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