My Girl Has Flown Out Of The Nest

The Daughter has officially shifted to her new place early this week. I really cant believe it. No force, no stress, no drama – just a natural progression in life, I think.

George has agreed to sponsor some costs for her bed and I told her I will sponsor the pots and tableware as a housewarming gift.


Last night it was raining heavily. There was only George, myself and the rumbling place. And the furkids. Rexton, as usual, was waiting infront of The Daughter’s bedroom, not realizing that she will not be home…..poor Rexton. The house sounded empty. No loud funky music, no buzzing or ding dong sound from a Black Berry, no youth sized blouses hanging at the drying area, no size 5 shoes by the door, no extra key set with that funny looking key chain on the side table.

No Daughter.

;-( I am experiencing an Empty Nest Syndrome!

The Daughter after cleaning up her new place.


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