Of Death, Dogs, the Dilemma, and Disappointment…





Did my colorful “headlines” grab your attention, folks? I sure hope so, because some of you seem to be either asleep at the switch and/or allergic to logical thinking. Time to wake up and take your medicine, folks,  in the form of my rant on Death, Dogs, The Dilemma, and Disappointment…

Of Death…

As my wife has pointed out in a previous post, at least six of our cats have been killed by two stray dogs in our neighborhood over the past month or so. She was the one that found all of them. Some were still alive when she found them, and in tortuous, excruciating pain. They later died in her arms or at the vet’s clinic. Others were dead when she found them and bore marks of having been bitten or sliced open by dog teeth. Some made it back near the house, while others suffered the indignity of being found dirtyand bloated in the street drains. At least one of the cats was pregnant, with the sac containing the kittens torn open.

For all intents and purposes, we considered these – and all of our other cats – our children. Especially Hanie, who has tended to their care far more than I in the form of feeding them, arranging medical attention to heal the abuse that they suffered at the hands of others, nursing them to health when they were sick, cleaning up their puke, pee, and poop, and rescuing many of them from drains, food courts, busy streets, and other nasty places. So naturally, when one of these furkids dies, Hanie takes it hard. REAL hard. Mostly she cries and feels hurt and depressed for days on end. As her husband, it pains me to see her this way because she did her very best for these kids from start to finish and I know how much she loved them. And I know how much they loved her.

What pains her the most, I think, is the cruel, senseless and painful death that they endured. We can understand when one of them gets killed accidentally by a vehicle, or when they die of old age. And, OK, by the OCCASIONAL attack from dogs or other animals. But to have SIX killed in the space of a month or two by dogs that should never have been roaming around loose in our neighborhood in the first place…? This is impossible to accept. We just know that it never had to be like this, never should be like this, and we don’t want to see it this way anymore.

Of Dogs…

The two loose dogs that killed our six cats park themselves around the corner from our house. We’ve been told that the original owner of the dogs died. The son was supposed to look after them but just turned them loose when he moved out of the neighborhood. The dogs used to be active only at night, barking, running around, and doing whatever all else that loose dogs do. Lately, however, they’ve been active during the day as well. As Hanie says, they chase joggers, the security guards, motorbike riders and kids. They have even chased her. These dogs are no yappy little chihuahuas or milquetoast wiener dogs (daschunds): these are big feral dogs that appear to have no fear of humans.

Of The Dilemma…

Contrary to what my wife said in one of her previous posts – that she doesn’t care what people think when they say she’s not a genuine animal lover – she DOES care. That’s because she has a love of just about all animals, including dogs.

You remember those abandoned dogs that were starving and cannibalizing one another on Pulau Ketam a couple of years ago until they were rescued by a group of volunteers from the Furry Friends Farm? Well, Hanie answered the call put out by the Farm for other volunteers to help clean and feed the dogs that were rescued.

Her reward for her efforts? Having to run a gauntlet of bows and slings from fellow Malays who derided and decried her and the other Malay volunteers for daring to be in the presence of  – let alone touch – such “unclean” animals.

To my fellow Muslims who appear to believe that they will be contaminated for life for the simple act of touching a dog: you can RELAX! There are special soaps containing clay – such as Taharah – that you can use to clean yourself with afterwards. Allah has made our religion easy for us so please don’t complicate it unnecessarily by thinking that such contact will be the end of the world for you. Yes, it requires an extra effort – but so does ghusl (to remove uncleanliness after relations with your wife or husband). And yet you all don’t avoid sex with your spouse just because of the extra effort it takes to clean up afterwards, do you…?

So now the dilemma: two dogs kill SIX of your furkids. You are grieving and angry. The pain of losing and burying #6 is too much. Enough is freaking ENOUGH! You love the kids dearly yet you know what will happen to the dogs if you simply call MBPJ and ask them to send a dog catcher to tackle the problem: it may very well be their permanent night-night. You care what happens to the dogs and don’t wish for that, yet you can’t bear the pain of losing any more of your kids. What to do…? What to do…?

You reach out to your friends and animal welfare networks for some answers, some alternatives, some help. You do this thinking, “Surely to God, SOMEONE out there in this universe and collectivity of dog lovers, rescuers, NGOs, general do-gooders, and intelligent people MUST be able to help me out of my dilemma…?”

And just how did the community respond…?

Of Disappointments…

Well, aside from a few friends and other folks who offered some practical advice and help (and to whom I am extremely grateful for their compassion, sensitivity, ability to stay awake at the switch, and lack of allergic reaction to logical thinking), the rest of the respondents to The Dilemma were clueless, useless, rude, or hostile. Some of the responses Hanie received:

1) Make friends with the dogs

Uh huh. Did Hanie mention that the dogs were fierce, chased people, and killed six of our kids…? Make friends with the dogs…? How about YOU come over and make friends with the dogs…? You wanna practice your Cesar Millan “tssst!, point and snap your fingers Dog-Whisperer” techniques on this pair of proven killers…? Be my guest, LOL!

2) Ask your neighbors to take the dogs in

The dogs have been out on our streets for the past several months and our neighbors are all aware of them. No one has taken them in yet. You wanna guess why…?

3) Cage your cats or otherwise keep them indoors

Since when did the rights of 2 dogs supersede the rights of 20+ cats, their owners, and a neighborhood of other HUMAN BEINGS to be left in peace? Any of you folks that are familiar with Star Trek will doubtless also be familiar with the following truth spoken by Spock in “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan”:

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one…

And so it is in this case.

All of our cats – 20 some-odd in total – are indoor/outdoor cats. Many were rescued from the streets and so consider the streets of our neighborhood an extension of their bricks and mortar home with us. To keep these cats caged for most of the day while we are out at work would severely diminish their quality of life. Telling us to restrict the movements of our cats because dogs are likely to kill them if they go out makes as much sense as telling women to stay indoors because they might get raped if they go out. It’s a “blame the victim” answer that does nothing to address the real problem: if the dogs wouldn’t be killing our cats, they would be killing other peoples’ cats, and would STILL be terrorizing people in the neighborhood.

BTW, as RESPONSIBLE cat owners, we’ve spayed and neutered all of our furkids so they won’t be creating problems in the form of  babies that we – or our neighbors – will have to deal with in future.

4) From the dog welfare groups

Agency A: They said that they don’t have the mission or means to round up stray dogs.

Agency B: One contact at Agency B said they would talk to one of their contacts at Agency A about a possible solution. So far, neither the Agency B  contact or their Agency A contact have been in touch.

Agency C: Said they don’t have the manpower or the skill to round them up.

Agency D: These folks rehabilitate and help heal rescued dogs. They came over and took a look at the dogs. Their assessment was that it would be difficult to rehabilitate and rehome dogs like this. Although these folks weren’t able to help, we did appreciate that they at least came over for a look at the situation.

5) You are not a genuine animal lover!

OH NO…???? There are 2 dogs here that may very well end up being PTS because there are no other options. And so, Ms. “Genuine” Animal Lover and dog owner, the question I put to you is this: if you care so much about these dogs and NOT wanting MBPJ to put them to sleep after a round up then where the hell are YOU…? I don’t see YOU getting off your fat ass and coming to our neighborhood to scoop up these animals, pack them into cages, and rehome them. Is it because these aren’t cute, fluffy easy-to-manage little puppies that would be easy to rescue and place, but feral dogs that would just as soon tear into your fat ass as look at you?

So if you aren’t going to get up off your ass and help find a solution that doesn’t involve PTS, then what do you think gives YOU the right to criticize my wife and the efforts that she is making to try and save them?

If these dogs end up being PTS, it certainly won’t be because of a lack of caring or effort on my wife’s part. Their blood will be on YOUR hands, and their deaths on YOUR conscience, because YOU – a supposed dog-lover – don’t “GENUINELY” give  a shit about them, despite all your NOBLE talk, posturing, and holier than thou attitude.

You make me sick! A POX on you, Ms. “Genuine” Animal Lover, and on all the rest of you out there that share her DESPICABLE POV!


There’s been an uneasy silence from all of the other dog lovers and rescuers out there. Sounds like a very GUILTY silence to me. Could the guilt be from a real desire to WANT to help, but not knowing quite what to do? Or maybe it comes from the knowledge that there’s a gap out there when it comes to dogs like this and you are ashamed to think that such a gap could possibly exist given the number of you out there that profess to love dogs? Or maybe – just maybe – it’s because if you were in my wife’s shoes and left considering an alternative that would see 2 dogs potentially PTS after exhausting all other solutions, YOU might just end up phoning the dog catcher too. And that horrifies and embarrasses you because you know how much you love dogs.

Welcome to a world where sometimes things are just not as black and white as we would want them to be…

Where sometimes the only choice available to you is that of having to choose the lesser of two evils…

And where you need to have walked a mile in our shoes before you criticize or abuse…


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