Pokok Galak Kucing

As I was cleaning the back of the kitchen, I noticed a few new plants sprouting near the grouts to the steps. They were pokok galak kucing! Cats simply love the scent from the roots and give them a weird reaction – as if they are high! They will roll on it, drool as they rub their bodies over it. This effect will last as long as a couple of hours. I read that small kittens are immune to it so I tried giving a plant to Jane. She just ignored it when her other brothers and sisters were drooling on the floor, rolling their bodies gently and and purring so loud at the same time.

Other names for this interesting plant is Acalypha indica or in English – Indian acalyphaIndian nettlethree-seeded mercury. This plant is so ubiquitous that you tend to miss it.

According to sources, this plant is also edible to human where the leaves are cooked and eaten as vegetable.

I found a Youtube on this plant as well, explaining about is remedial properties as a herbal medicine.

Interestingly, the furkids did not even bother with the plant. Not until I pulled out a few and gave to them. We even had a visitor cat came out of nowhere to join the feast of this plant in the hall!

I used to contact a friend to grab a few bunches of this plant that grows wildly near her office parking lot but looks like now I have my own little supply of pokok galak kucing at the back of the kitchen.



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