Hubby came back earlier today. I was on the phone with a client while watching Tiny Jane playing with her paper ball. This furball just woke up from her beauty sleep and decided that she wanted to play.

The one-track minded me didnt realize the thunder and lightning outside.

It rained heavily and I went upstairs to have a chat with George. I came down a few minutes afterwards. The rain was still heavy. I could hear the winds against the rambutan tree and the heavy rain drops falling onto the roof. Thank God for the rain, I thought. The weather was hot and humid since morning.

I saw Prince sleeping peacefully on the sofa. I gave him a tummy scratch which he usually loves. Called out for Jane.

Oh Jane…….!


No Jane except for Zipper and Athena who came by and rubbed their bodies gently against my ankle.




My heart almost stopped. Tears started to well in my eyes. I could not breath properly. My throat felt constricted, body shivering and I began to realize that I was on a verge of a panic attack.

Where could she be??

I walked out to the porch, called out her name. Looked everywhere at all the various corners of the house. I double, no, triple checked the seats of the dining table where she would usually play hide and seek. I checked her favourite hammock. No Jane.

I opened up the back door thinking how impossible it would be for her to walk to the back alley. But I didnt want to chance it. With an umbrella in hand, I walked out in the rain, in search of Little Jane.

Water in the storm drain has started to swell up. Ya Allah, I prayed. Please do not let anything harm her….

Did a few rounds of checking at the front of the house, near the neighbours’ houses and also the back alley. How could she have gone out from the house?

Finally, exhausted, sad and angry with myself, I sat on the wooden chair on the porch.

The rain finally receded. The earth was wet. The leaves on the rambutan tree was swaying gently. I could hear water still rushing out in the storm drain.

Where is Little Jane….?

I walked out to the front gate and called out her name.

And there she was!! Her gray but wet tiny body at the neighbour’s house across the road. How on earth did she get there? Could she have followed Midnight? I had no idea.

I ran across, eyes blurry with tears. She came out from the porch but due to the light rain, she went back in.

You are so grounded, Young Lady!! 


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