I Must Have Done Something Right As A Mom

Last night, George and I went to The Daughter’s new apartment. It is about 15 minute’s drive from our own home. It was our very first visit to her place. I was thrilled!

We brought along some house warming gifts – a set of tableware, some mugs which  I think will be useful, and a dish rack. I am pretty sure that a good dish rack will come in handy for any new kitchen.

The new apartment is still quite bare as several new furniture will only come in next month. The place looks clean. She proudly showed us around. There are 3 rooms all together. Her own room is a lot smaller than her old room back home but she doesnt mind it. There is a small balcony overlooking to several other apartment blocks. Beyond it I can see the nearby big mall that we frequent to. She told me that it would take about 15 minutes of walking to her new work place.

She looked great! The Daughter spoke of her new job excitedly. Spoke of her friends, her new place and a lot of other stuff. As we both stood at the balcony, she asked me of the furbabies at home especially Rexton. I told her I was a little hesitant to let Rexton lives with her on the 4th floor. We certainly dont want any Super Cat flying down from the high floor.

I observed her more as she flicked her long hair. Was this the same little bundle of 2.2kg baby that I held in my arms 21 years ago? There was this smart, intelligent, great looking young lady who spoke confidently about her life standing in front of me.

As George and I walked towards the lift to go home, she accompanied us. We hugged. I told her how much I love her and to take care of herself.

She thanked us for the visiting and the gifts as she bowed slightly to show her gratitude.

I almost thought an alien had just snatched our daughter away and replaced her with some kind of a human-looking body with manners-and-wits-and-maturity program embedded in her system.

I am so proud of her. We are very proud of her.

It feels great knowing that I must have done something right in my life.


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