How To Blend In A Crowd

Days ago I asked George whether would he be interested to escort me for a gathering. He said, yes. And there we were, at 8.00 am on a Sunday looking for what seemed to be an almost impossible parking spot in Titiwangsa Lake area.

Finally after a while, we did a Malaysia Boleh parking stunt, just like everyone else, and walked to the function hall where we were greeted by my friend, Shima.

I think we were the only couple who looked different enough to stand out from the rest. George looked too white to be a Malay and I was not wearing a head cover like most of the other ladies. Shima handed us a couple of dark blue t -shirts.

And this was how we looked……….

Cute huh?

The 4,000-strong staunch UMNO members from the Federal constituencies.


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