Marcus Antonius And Mr Odysseus Grey

Quite a mouthful huh?

Yeap! These are our two boys who are in the snip-snip clinic today. Marcus Antonius is the sibling of Julius Caesar who crossed the rainbow bridge late last year.

And Mr Odysseus Grey….is a visitor cat who visits our home on a daily basis. I have no idea where is his real home but then looking at things, he is looking for a permanent resident pass. He has been checking out the house – top bottom – sniffing at the tv rack, tracking slowly to the hallway upstairs, making himself comfortable by sleeping in the kitchen, and having meals from the kitty bowl, just like a resident cat.

Oh well, all PRs in our home has ONE main rule… gotta be snipped!

This is Marcus sleeping.

This is Marcus. He was making such a ruckus during the drive to the clinic by meowing so loud!

The new grey tabby – Mr Odysseus Grey-he must have weigh about 7kg. A big boy!

He is not a very happy camper.


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