A Little Ranting On A Sunday And With A Little Sadness Too

Hanie blogging from the comfort of her home, a tad annoyed as she was distracted by a few running messages that come through her FB. Alternating between updating a few project timelines, she checks the discriminating messages…

You know, after reading all these messages….I have come to a conclusion that:

  1. There must be gadzillion bucks to be made in this animal rescue business. Otherwise why are all these people – the rescuers and the defenders of the voiceless- are doing what they are doing?
  2. Animal rescue business is a glamorous thing to do. You get to talk to a lot of people, featured in magazines (maybe get paid?). So better have lots of coverage and at the same time making sure that the other groups of animal rescuers are over-shadowed. Besides, who wants to know what they do, right?
  3. All these rescuing business have rendered certain rescuers forgotten the fact that they are human being – with friends and family. They have forgotten the basics of being a human being – treating people with respect and that people have feelings. They have forgotten on how to behave in a civilized manner. The funny thing is, animals have better manners.
  4. That it is okay to talk behind your friends’ backs. After all, they are just human beings and there are other people who comes and goes as friends. 
  5. That some people have lost their sense of empathy, respect and sympathy. (Huh? Whats that..??)
  6. All these rescuing stuff have rendered some people to turn into toxic people (or were they born being toxic?) hmmmmm…..
  7. That karma comes back and bites you in the ass. Not nice.
  8. That just when you think that you are great, remember there is always someone greater than you…and that your enemies are just waiting for the right time. And they will go for your throat mercilessly.
  9. That bitching are not the same as gossiping. Neither are nice. Especially when you have them all written in cyberspace. (Read Item # 7)
  10. Just when I thought there are some people who are a fresh breath of air, they turn around and said/did something that makes me changed my mind. Sigh….

To the hacker(s) – thank you for forwarding me those messages but as I replied to you via the hacked account inbox message – “The nawaitu in all of us are still the same – to rescue animals-but I hope after all of these – please stop and think where you NEED to stop. I assumed that you are a Muslim. If you are not, then it is ok too. Our God says that we cannot shame our fellow human beings like this. Stop when you are still ahead of your game. What needs to be revealed, have been revealed. Learn from all of these (and pray to those who have done wrong learn too) – and move on.”


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