What Has Become To My Country?

Well, looks like the Bersih 3.0 is officially over. I was supposed to be with a few friends visiting an NGO for a charity visit but I cancelled my drive to the city. My class was postponed too.

It was reported that there were gadzillion people crossing the police lines and being bombarded with water cannon and tear gas as a result of that. There were an incident of youth stamping on a police car. A friend of mine who owns a social media company went over to interview demonstrators. And whoa! Many of them did not know what was the REAL agenda why the Bersih 3.0 came into place.

Huh? You even brought your kids into the scorching heat day, battle the police line, got mopped by the FRU, water cannon-ed, risked your job – and YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHY YOU WERE IN THE DEMONSTRATION?

What kind of an idiot are you?

I am neither a politician nor I am really bothered so much by all the politicking in the country. I would leave all the back stabbing, back biting and bitching bit that are usually associated with politicking to the people who can do it best – the politicians.

I found this youtube showing one of the demonstrators had collapsed and he was helped by several people into a waiting ambulance.

Notice the policeman next to him, fanning this man with a make shift fan, trying to make him comfortable. For all you know, the collapsed man was the same man who tried to run the police line earlier.

I salute the Malaysian police for risking their lives yesterday and putting an order to the day. Some of these people have and would never appreciate what you have done for the country.

More stories here and here.


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