Heart And Soul

Hanie blogging from a kopitiam in Bangsar while waiting for George to arrive via the LRT. 

Looks like Kenny G will be playing at the Arena of Stars, Genting at the end of the month. So I heard it through the radio for the past few days while driving to the office. I got to know that this concert is called Heart And Soul.

Heart And Soul. What a lovely title to what could be an awesome night of his performance.

The first time I heard of the title to his concert, many images and thoughts came up to my mind. Images of family members and friends and of memories that are best forgotten or long gone.

Of love and passion for all the works that I have done for many years. How I have put my entire heart and soul into whatever that I do and hoping for the best to come out of it. Of loving my furbabies and hoping that nothing would harm them.

Of loving my life now that I have been given a second opportunity to love again.


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