Napoleon The Cat

I received a text message from Shannon of KL Rescue Pooch one late night. Said that her furkids sniffed at another kitten at the nearby field, and could she bring the kitten over to the house?

How could I say no?

I waited for Shannon near the gate. As she arrived, I saw this tiny, ginger bundle of fur in her hands, hissing and trying to put up a fight. He looked like no more than a month old, so tiny! He was injured as we saw open wounds on his tummy, hind leg and the tip of his tail. Looked like he was in need of a medical attention and food. So, we decided that Shannon would send the kitten to the vet in the morning and I will foster when he was ready.

The next day, Shannon texted me saying that the kitten had to be warded as the infection had spread to his tummy. He was there for a good few days and he was sent to our home after being discharged. He was named Napoleon.

I think all kittens have this ability to charm their way into human’s hearts, especially like ours. As I looked at this kitten with his adorable eyes, perfect features, round tummy…in no time I knew he would not leave to another forever-home. Tale tales of his injuries were still visible especially at the tips of his tail.

Napoleon loves playing with the rest of the kids. Arthur must have thought that he is another toy, Uncle Kucing gives him his occasional grooming and the rest provides him enough distractions to amuse him throughout the day.

George calls him Teletubby.

Each time I looked at him in his cage (which was previously Jane’s), I feel a little sadness.

I miss Jane terribly. I still keep a look out for her every day and hope that she will come back.




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