Happy 3rd Anniversary To Us!


Three years ago on the 23rd July 2009 I walked down slowly the staircase of Eda’s beautiful home in my champagne coloured lacy baju kurung. I wanted to absorb everything that will happen that night. There was a small commotion earlier. The wedding rings were missing. Someone had taken them for safe keeping and had forgotten to place them back in the ring boxes. A couple of hours before, I was sitting in Sandy’s saloon getting my make up and hair done. And just before that Eda and I were in panicky mode as we realized we did not have the caterer…but, that’s another story on another day. The buffet spread was ready now after much ingenuity…

I finally stepped down to the ground floor and I saw so many family members and friends, all eyes were on me. Then, I saw him sitting there with his legs crossed, in his blue baju Melayu and songkok, and smiling; this man who came all the way from 10,000 miles away to be with me.

I sat on the special cushion, very aware of the surrounding – every sight, sound, smell and looking at him. The Girl was sitting next to me. All the hantaran looked so pretty.

And George winked at me!

The akad nikah went smoothly, we signed all the papers and took pictures.


As all the guests were enjoying the chicken briyani buffet, George and I took a quiet walk outside and then suddenly we saw a flash from a camera. Someone took a picture of us whispering…;-).


Admiring all of our wedding gifts after the akad nikah.


And here we are, three years down the road, together in Penang, enjoying our impromptu trips as usual.

Thank you for a fantastic 3 years together, my Husband. I love being married to you.



Ramadhan Al Mubarak 1433

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah that I have been given the opportunity to welcome this year’s Ramadhan Al Mubarak once more with the family. The Ramadhan started on the 21 July 2012. I cooked for the first day of breaking fast. I had something for everyone – beef rendang for George. Specially packed all the way from Jerantut were gulai asam rong with ikan baung as well as gulai tempoyak ikan patin. Two genuine Pahang dishes that I know will melt The Daughter’s heart.

George plans to bake cookies in preparation for Eidil Fitri. He said he wanted to make snickerdoodle, a type of cookie that he loves. I have never eaten snickerdoodle before therefore we shall see how it turns out.

Talking about baking, there is definitely an eclectic choice of kitchen equipment at our home. I love my gas stove that comes with 4 burners and a big oven. It has lovingly cooked all of our meals and has served countless servings of roasts  on our dining table. I have baked cookies and cakes, and roast my vegetable.

Now, George is not so comfortable with gas oven and was looking around in the market for a good electric oven to do his baking.

Well, there it is. His new oven sitting prettily in between the rice cooker and the microwave oven.

Please disregard the uninvited model pussy-footing on the counter.

Sheeba Is In The House!

Meet Sheeba. She’s our latest furkid in the house. Mei Ling, her rescuer found her near her apartment and decided to look for a fosterer. And she called me.

This girl is about 3 months old, very playful and manja. Loves all the attention that her big brothers are giving her, especially from Uncle Kucing. After a couple of weeks of adjusting to her new home (and endless whining) she has now settled down.


Sheeba is now officially adopted by us! YEAY!