Iftar Warga Raub Sejahtera (WRS) Social Group – 11 August 2012

(Late posting for the recent Iftar of WRS Social Group. Venue was at the old colonial-style Raub Rest House.) Thanks to my friend and one of the key members of WRS, Wan Juhaida, the Iftar was pulled together beautifully, complete with lucky draws. Food was abundance and delicious. There were at least 100 over members … Continue reading Iftar Warga Raub Sejahtera (WRS) Social Group – 11 August 2012

Funky Toilet

      So artistic, dont you think? These images can be found on the stall doors of the ladies washroom on the ground floor of Publika Mall in Solaris Dutamas. The men’s washroom has depiction of equally awesome looking images as well. Clean, and always with ample supply toilet rolls….Publika is a must-go-to mall in … Continue reading Funky Toilet

The Kids At Home

  Amadeus Zeus “The Greek God”   Marcus Antonius   Bruno Guinevere Zipper   Ms Ug Rexton, the house diva. Arthur Prince   Blackie with his snorty nose   Jack our youngest kid!   Athena The rest of the kids have either gone hiding or jalan-jalan. Continue reading The Kids At Home