My New Philips Juicer

While driving to a mall, George asked me what would be more practical – a food processor or a juicer? I figured that we dont really need a food processor in the kitchen. It is more of a want, not a need. But, a juicer would be a handy item to have around. Having a juicer means not having to buy gadzillion bottles of juice anymore. I must admit it is also difficult and expensive to buy my favourite carrot juice outside.

The next day, George went out on his own to the mall to get some stuff. I stayed at home to do some cleaning. We were supposed to meet later for Iftar together.

Tropicana Mall is near enough for me to walk to and that was where we were to meet. With a slow walk from home, about 30 minutes later, I arrived at the entrance. George was there, with this big box in the shopping cart.

It was a juicer! Who’d knew he would get a juicer for our anniversary gift!

My shiny new juicer! Thank you my dear. I LOVE practical gift like this. Maybe next year we can shop for that Bosch cordless power drill?

Post script:

Mr Philips had been seen juicing glasses upon glasses upon glasses of carrot juice since he came to our home. I just hope my skin dont ended up with orange hue.


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