Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 1433 – Day 3

Eh? What happened to Day 2 you may ask?

Day 2 was spent chillaxing like this…..


Amadeus sleeping after a hard day’s work of inspecting the housing area….

Ok, so, Day 3.

We drove back to Raub to do a few house visits. The most important task was to drop by at my late Abah’s grave and offer him some prayers.


At Mak Andak’s house (aunty Number 1) George enjoying a Raya cookie called Dragon Ball – a ball shaped cookie covered with rich chocolate and coated with crushed peanuts.





Wati (cousin) and me…

George flanked by my two cousins – Ani (L) and Wati (R)




At the pusara (cemetary) of my late Abah. The grave marker is new. Finally after his 10th year of his passing, I finally managed to get his pusara completed, thanks to George for his insistence.


Next stop -over at my cousin’s house – the lovely couple of Linda and Suffa. This is us being a bunch of sillies by having our picture taken, covering our tummies with the red cushions and trying to look cool at the same time;-)



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