Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 1433 – The Bollywood Pictures


At the porch of the kampung house. Pretty background complete with coconut trees, flower pots and the mountains in the distance.

Being lovey-dovey underneath the coconut tree. You can almost hear the music playing in the air and we were just about to break for a dance. The extra dancers were somewhere in the background waiting for cue to come into frame.


There! There! About to dance now!


The choreographer – Puan Linda. Please disregard the flag war and the electrical wires lining the main road.

Linda and me.

The tall mountain behind us is called Gunung Panas. In the old days it was said that the mountain was occupied by Orang Bunian (fairies) who would lend the kampung folks khenduri equipment (tableware and other things such as pots and pans for their feast). The condition was that the items should be returned as they were – unwashed and even the broken ones.

I recall when I was young, when there was full moon rising behind the mountains, you could almost hear a kind of old gamelan music coming from the top of the Gunung Panas as if there were big feast happening. They say it was the Orang Bunian celebrating a wedding of their own…..

The old house needs a bit of a fresh new coat of paint. Hopefully I can fence the entire land by end of the year before reserving a plot to plant some short term crops, a herb patch and fruit trees.

Exciting weekend project!



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