Iftar Warga Raub Sejahtera (WRS) Social Group – 11 August 2012

(Late posting for the recent Iftar of WRS Social Group. Venue was at the old colonial-style Raub Rest House.)

Thanks to my friend and one of the key members of WRS, Wan Juhaida, the Iftar was pulled together beautifully, complete with lucky draws. Food was abundance and delicious. There were at least 100 over members attended the Iftar session. Some of us had only known each other through FB. The event was a perfect avenue to meet and put real names to faces. The rest was from all over the town or kampungs.

YB Dato’ Shamsuddin Hj. Nawawi who is the political secretary to YAB Dato’ Seri Adnan Yaakob, the Menteri Besar Pahang, was one of the guest of honours. He gave the roaring welcoming speech in the thick, local Raub dialect which provided much amusement to all.

George and I upon registration. Next to us was Wan Juhaida, the key organizer to the event. You’d ve done well, Ju! Thanks to the other members who volunteered to get the event together successfully.

Dato’ Shamsuddin giving his speech.

Hampers for the lucky draw!

Group picture.

Food! Glorious food! There were at least 22 types of dishes served – nasi kerabu, white rice, fried chicken, beef rendang, a few kampung dishes, assorted vegetable, ulam and sambal, grilled items…and the list goes on and on…everyone went home happy that evening.

More pictures down here…

Post script: Pictures credit to Warga Raub Sejahtera


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