Boris Is Finally Home

A few weeks ago I posted on our new furkid, BorisWe were not sure as to how we would react to all the new, different scents in the house and what with the other kids around. Could the rest of the kids accept him and vice versa?

Looks like our worries were unfounded. Boris is finally making his way around the house and making himself comfortable. For the first few days out from the cage, he liked to occupy the steps on the landing. Of which this make Rexton upset as it is her spot after all. He also liked to go back to his big, white cage at the back of the kitchen to sleep at night. Sometimes he would perch on top of the fence or sleep on the wooden bench under the porch. But that makes Prince upset as it is his spot. What a big, new kitty gotta do to sleep??

These happened for a good couple of weeks.

Finally, he found his spot – right in the mail box! He now has a nick name – Boris The Mail Box Guardian.

Boris The Cat

With his dark green eyes, long whiskers, huge body and beautiful coat – he is such a handsome boy!

Boris has also explored the rest of the home and figured that our bedroom is the best place of all because of the aircond. So, on weekends, we could hear him meowing ever so lightly outside of the door. By the time we open it up, we can see the rest of the troop waiting for food. All of this food-meowing come like a stereo and Zeus will lead everyone down the staircase to the kitchen…

Boris The Cat

Boris The Cat

He can get a tad lazy bum…as seen here. He loves laying down on his side while lapping up from the water bowl.

The lady at the nearby nursery gave me a generous amount of cat nip recently and I figured the kids would love it. It was Boris’ first time with the exotic herb and judging from the look of it, he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Looks like he is finally home now.


You Know That You Are In Malaysia..

….when everyone you meet says they grew up with the memories of Milo van in the compound of their schools, and the crew dishing out nice, sweet, milky, creamy world’s most perfect beverage on a hot day….


“For me and my family personally, September 11 was a reminder that life is fleeting, impermanent, and uncertain. Therefore, we must make use of every moment and nurture it with affection, tenderness, beauty, creativity, and laughter.” –Deepak Chopra


I threw my handbag on the sofa just like any other evening. The day was long and I was tired. Got the remote control and switched on the TV. At the corner of my eyes, I thought I heard a running commentary of a tragic incident that shook the world. The next second, I saw what I thought one of the twin towers in New York collapsed.  An airplane had just flew straight into it!

And then another plane crashed into the second tower.

I thought that was a very sick movie with an equally bloody sick-minded movie maker trying to make fast money by showing crazy movies like this.

I glanced at the clock, realizing it was the early evening news and it dawned on me that what I had just witnessed was no movie – it was as real as it could get.

All the lines to the States were jammed. I had been trying to call all of my US suppliers, especially for Larry from a renown tableware producer in Illinois. They have a show room on 5th Avenue, NY. Finally after trying for like hours, I managed to get through to him.

Such a tragedy. People, irregardless of race, religion and background have lost someone on that day – mother, father, daughter, son, wife, husband, friends….I humbly pay respect to those who have worked tirelessly in managing the situation – police, firemen, volunteers.

No, I do not believe this was some sick conspiracy. It was a sick action ordered by a sick person who was hiding behind the veil of the sacred religion. There is no place for 9/11 cold killers in any religion and society.

The Rambutan And The Frangipani

Looks like our rambutan tree is fruiting again this year. The tree started to fruit a couple of months ago but the initial young fruit were not as good as last year’s. But then, after some advice from friends on how to make sure the tree produce better fruit, it started to yield sweet bunches of rambutans.

One of the small bunches. There are more bunches on the trees. My frangipani tree can be seen at the background.

This came from this morning’s harvest. Sweet, white rambutan flesh that comes off easily from the seed. Just beautiful.

And to top all these off, my frangipani (plumeria) from the Plumeria Rubra variety, finally bears its first flowers too. The waiting is over. With its cream and light yellow in the centre, the flowers look so beautiful and sweet-smelling.



This is the first time my frangipani is bearing flowers.

Care To Use A Dirty Toilet?

This is one of the toilets. Can you see the dirty floor, sitting bowl and those unsightly UFO?

Found at this station (see below)

We have traveled all the length and breadth of Malaysia excluding Sarawak (at least for George). We both have come to a conclusion that there are a few things we need to carry when traveling:

  • wet wipes
  • wet wipes
  • did I say wet wipes?

Here is a prime example of what many common toilets are in Malaysia. Seriously. Shame on you who thinks of nothing about this!!

This specimen was found during our trip to Seremban using the KTM Komuter. We wanted to catch the 9.30pm departure and just before that, needed to do the alphabet thing. George paid 30 sen for each of us. I stepped into the ladies washroom. 4 cubicles – 2 western style toilet and the other 2, squatting. The first two were so disgusting. You could see poo stains all over the sitting bowl. The other two squatting toilet were no better, but I just. had. to. go!


The flush was not working either. That explains the condition of the toilets. I was most disgusted to look at the wash basin as they were filthy and for some reason, someone had washed her hair there as there were long hair all over the wash basins.

Now, one of my pet peeves is to see hair in wash basins. This was not a case of a hair or two, but clumps of long hair.

Gagging! Gagging!

KTM, this is a total embarrassment.  There is no real excuse for this kind of facility. It doesnt take much to take care of toilets. You need proper tools, equipment, cleaning agents and periodical cleaning to make sure your toilets are functioning properly. Timely maintenance helps too.

Now, where are the wet wipes?

Our New Kid – Boris The Almost Russian Blue

This almost 6kg, almost looking like a Russian Blue has been spending the last 2 Hari Raya of his life in a vet’s clinic. No thanks to his previous owner who kept on “forgetting” to fetch him from the clinic, this boy was left there after being treated for some illness. There were many prospective adopters but after a series of interviews, they were found not suitable.

Well, he is with us now for the last couple of weeks. Thanks must go to Dr Kiew and Dr Ong for trusting us with this boy. Previously named Bobo, he was renamed Boris, a Russian name to reflect his almost Russian Blue breed. With his silver-blue-black soft coat, Boris has the greenest eyes you’d ever seen and the biggest paw-paw!

The so-called induction program started on the day he arrived home. He needed to be introduced gradually to the rest of the kids. He was a curious kid – checking out the whole entire house, sniffing around for new scents.

Tomorrow we have decided to let him come out from the cage in the morning. We shall see how he would react to that freedom….

More updates to come on Boris.