Care To Use A Dirty Toilet?

This is one of the toilets. Can you see the dirty floor, sitting bowl and those unsightly UFO?

Found at this station (see below)

We have traveled all the length and breadth of Malaysia excluding Sarawak (at least for George). We both have come to a conclusion that there are a few things we need to carry when traveling:

  • wet wipes
  • wet wipes
  • did I say wet wipes?

Here is a prime example of what many common toilets are in Malaysia. Seriously. Shame on you who thinks of nothing about this!!

This specimen was found during our trip to Seremban using the KTM Komuter. We wanted to catch the 9.30pm departure and just before that, needed to do the alphabet thing. George paid 30 sen for each of us. I stepped into the ladies washroom. 4 cubicles – 2 western style toilet and the other 2, squatting. The first two were so disgusting. You could see poo stains all over the sitting bowl. The other two squatting toilet were no better, but I just. had. to. go!


The flush was not working either. That explains the condition of the toilets. I was most disgusted to look at the wash basin as they were filthy and for some reason, someone had washed her hair there as there were long hair all over the wash basins.

Now, one of my pet peeves is to see hair in wash basins. This was not a case of a hair or two, but clumps of long hair.

Gagging! Gagging!

KTM, this is a total embarrassment.  There is no real excuse for this kind of facility. It doesnt take much to take care of toilets. You need proper tools, equipment, cleaning agents and periodical cleaning to make sure your toilets are functioning properly. Timely maintenance helps too.

Now, where are the wet wipes?


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