The Rambutan And The Frangipani

Looks like our rambutan tree is fruiting again this year. The tree started to fruit a couple of months ago but the initial young fruit were not as good as last year’s. But then, after some advice from friends on how to make sure the tree produce better fruit, it started to yield sweet bunches of rambutans.

One of the small bunches. There are more bunches on the trees. My frangipani tree can be seen at the background.

This came from this morning’s harvest. Sweet, white rambutan flesh that comes off easily from the seed. Just beautiful.

And to top all these off, my frangipani (plumeria) from the Plumeria Rubra variety, finally bears its first flowers too. The waiting is over. With its cream and light yellow in the centre, the flowers look so beautiful and sweet-smelling.



This is the first time my frangipani is bearing flowers.


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