Boris Is Finally Home

A few weeks ago I posted on our new furkid, BorisWe were not sure as to how we would react to all the new, different scents in the house and what with the other kids around. Could the rest of the kids accept him and vice versa?

Looks like our worries were unfounded. Boris is finally making his way around the house and making himself comfortable. For the first few days out from the cage, he liked to occupy the steps on the landing. Of which this make Rexton upset as it is her spot after all. He also liked to go back to his big, white cage at the back of the kitchen to sleep at night. Sometimes he would perch on top of the fence or sleep on the wooden bench under the porch. But that makes Prince upset as it is his spot. What a big, new kitty gotta do to sleep??

These happened for a good couple of weeks.

Finally, he found his spot – right in the mail box! He now has a nick name – Boris The Mail Box Guardian.

Boris The Cat

With his dark green eyes, long whiskers, huge body and beautiful coat – he is such a handsome boy!

Boris has also explored the rest of the home and figured that our bedroom is the best place of all because of the aircond. So, on weekends, we could hear him meowing ever so lightly outside of the door. By the time we open it up, we can see the rest of the troop waiting for food. All of this food-meowing come like a stereo and Zeus will lead everyone down the staircase to the kitchen…

Boris The Cat

Boris The Cat

He can get a tad lazy bum…as seen here. He loves laying down on his side while lapping up from the water bowl.

The lady at the nearby nursery gave me a generous amount of cat nip recently and I figured the kids would love it. It was Boris’ first time with the exotic herb and judging from the look of it, he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Looks like he is finally home now.


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