Post World Animal Day Blog

As I type this, I can see the kids all flaked out on the sofa, runner, cabinet…and Rexton, as usual is on the 3rd case step of the staircase going to the bedrooms upstairs. Sheba, as usual, on my lap. She doesn’t care which way I turn her to. She continues with her sleep.

Most of these kids were rescued or came by to the house and decided to adopt us. All 28 of them. Many were across the Rainbow Bridge now and a few more were adopted by friends.

They eat good food, attended to by great vets and the family love them very much. In return, they provide us with unconditional love and sooth our souls when we need them.

And they are all our lifetime commitment.

I have been surrounded by animals since I was young, always have been. However it is only a few years back that I have become more aware about caring more for them and taking a more proactive approach in understanding the rescues better than I ever did.

There are still so many abused animals out there and there are more humans who just do not care. Where does this end. I don’t think it will ever stop but I feel that if I can just do something small in my own way, at least something changed. And so, let me share with you some of the things I have started doing:

  • we stop eating sharks fin soup long time ago, maybe more than 10 years. There are so many other soups that you can eat and sharks fin soup is definitely not one of them. The act of cutting the fin from still-alive sharks and then dumping the bodies back into the water is cruel.
  • TNRM – a mini initiative. At the moment, I am talking to a few friends who will pool resources together to get this TNRM going for a few selected community cats.
  • Feeding community cats – I have selected a couple of areas to feed the stray cats on certain days as they might be too dependent on fixed feedings.
  • Making sure that all kids at home are neutered so that they do not fight for their territories, or for the males marking.
  • Consciously buying more echo friendly items so that the chemicals do not flow back to earth and do not affect the kids. Yes, they are expensive but it took me a while to adopt this approach, compensating certain items with home-made cleaning detergents. I will still buy off the shell products but will be more aware of the what the labels are saying.
  • The family is gradually turning to organic food products as primary source of food. Again this is not easy as the products are more expensive, and smaller in size. For instance, an organic clean chicken weighing about 1.5kg thereabouts costs about RM30/bird whereas the regular chicken is only RM15/bird. However to shift to organic bird, again, is a conscious effort after having to drive behind lorries filled up to the brim with chicken cages so many times in many of our weekend drives. This is in the scorching heat of 34C-36C, Malaysian weather. If you dont call that animal cruelty, I don’t know what is.
  • Educating family and friends with positive discussion that dogs are still animal ,and one of God’s creatures.
  • The Girl and I carry small pouches of cat kibbles in our handbags, just in case we meet hungry strays. There are a few cat kibbles, medicine supply and other emergency supplies placed in an emergency bag at the back our car trunk.

Cant change so many things at one go, or change a person’s attitude towards animals in a day as you can only change you. It takes a conscious effort to do this.

It is all up to you.

So, to those who have furkids at home – have you hugged them today telling them how much you love them and that your commitment is for a lifetime….

This is Dexy, our special kid. She was a special-need cat with all her limbs twisted. She passed on sometime in December 2011.


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