I Remember

As we lay quietly in bed enjoying the quiet coolness of the darkened room, I could hear the windchimes which were hanging in the garden chiming ever, so gently. There were the sound of rustling leaves and we could see the flash of lightnings behind the closed curtain.

I told George that that evening reminded me of my childhood days when sometimes the family would spent the nights in the wooden made “pondong” (a small hut)  in the middle of the big paddy fields belonging to my grandparents. The pondong is usually built on a small raised earth usually planted with herbs or fruit trees around it. Due to its small size, you cook outside of the pondong and sometimes the amber will still burn throughout the night that you could smell it from the inside.

I could hear crickets, birds of the night, the gentle rustling of paddies in the fields and sometimes frogs croaking. In between the wooden planks and the zinc roof, I saw the jewels of the night – beautiful, crystal clear moon and bright stars across the night sky. Such beautiful memories.


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