More Of The Kids @ Home

This is Athena (as in Athena The Goddess Of Wisdom, war, the arts, industry and skill. The favourite daughter of Zeus The Greek God. Ok, ahem, it is a bit of an over kill here…hehe)

Her usual script when she comes back home sounds like this, ” Meow”. (Mom? I’m hungry. Is there food?”). Or, like this, “Meow, meow”. (Love me, love me). A true blue street cat with an ability to follow me whenever I go for my walk around the housing area like a little puppy without missing a single step, and a leash.

One of the seniors, Bubble. Favourite quote of the day from Bubs- “Meorrrrwww….!” (Dont touch me!)

Prince, the kitty who adopted us. Does not meow, only squawks like a bird. A prime example what a kitty may look like if they have enough food and sleep – a 6kg heavyweight. Dont ever let him jump on your chest or you wont be able to breath afterwards.

Rexton The House Diva. The most senior in the house, 12 years old and going strong.

Uncle Kucing, the guardian of the house and my body guard when I step out from the gate. Even counter attack two dogs when they chased me one night. One of the cats that got into the dragnet in Petkode’s case. Amazingly fearless boy with the most lovable tender heart towards the younger kids. The companion to Athena when they are out to protect me taking our garbage or cleaning the pathway outside. It must be a big, bad world out there…

Sandy aka San. Look at that pink nose….a rescued kitty from the foodcourt in Uptown Damansara Utama. One night, Lyn brought home a tiny kitten that was so skinny, full of fleas and full of traces of new and old cigarette burns. Too pitiful. But that was 3 years ago. She’s a good kid and pretty.


Zeus lazing at one of his favourite spots. The other spot is next to his food bowl where on any good time of the day you can see him stuffing his face in. Mama’s boy.


4 Replies to “More Of The Kids @ Home”

  1. Actually he had lung cancer, lost a lung, and now with chemo, has contracted an infection. Poor baby is 13 but Dr. thinks he may come home tomorrow, Thanks for asking.

  2. All the best and send my hugs to kitty. Sending positive vibes to him as well. I have a senior diva at home, shes 12. So far shes been alright except for losing most of her teeth.

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