Vegetarian Food That Actually Tastes Great!

We have been most impressed with the meals we had so far with Secret Recipe’s latest outlet in Tropicana City Mall. It is an all-vegetarian menu with enough bite to satisfy any cravings for a good meal especially if you are not a vegetarian. The servings are generous, delicious and even the spicy dishes are spicy enough for my liking. We had been there at least a few times and have tried out several dishes.

Today George decided to have his pizza again. It was cheesy enough but he craved for a slightly tomatoey taste which is usually associated with a tomato  based pizza. It was good though. The “meat” was actually dried mushroom.

My meal was delicious. I ordered sambal assam ikan (assam fish) with petai and brinjal.  The “fish” was made from taufoo fashioned into sliced mackerel complete with the dark skin of the fish. It was spicy and sour enough to tickle my tastebud. The taste of torch ginger was strong enough. A beautiful dish that I ate with a serving of brown rice.


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