Hot Shots

I am always on a lookout for a good coffee place. Sometimes you might end up with a nice place with good food but the coffee sucks. The beans are over roasted or the taste is flat that you lost the top note just when it passes your lips…in some places, they do not check on their milk when making latte. I have had some bad experiences with mild food poisoning due to milk gone bad.

A new coffee place was recently found in Solaris Dutamas. Aptly named Hot-Shots, this small of a wonder gem has a simple set up with a minimalist deco and coffee machines both for home and food service lining up one side of the wall. Beautifully, sexy, shiny machines from Spain and Italy (errr…yes, I tend to get really emotional when talking about machines like these….) looked inviting enough for you to look at them closer. There is a long utilitarian looking table in the middle of the place with high stools lining it up. However, this set up is fantastic for that coffee-moment, sipping your latte and admiring the sexy machines….Menu in Hot-Shots is rather limited. There are perhaps about 4-5 items including a sandwich.

Highly recommended and reasonably priced coffee. The coffee, IMHO, tastes much better than “the coffee place” where George likes his coffee.

Hot-Shots is located at A2-UG1-07, Solaris Dutamas.


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