Beautiful Preserved Lemon

I love lemons. They have beautiful, happy colour and smells great! Tastes good if you have the right amount of lemon juice for lemonade and they make great flavour enhancement when grated onto food.


I make my own preserved lemons which in turn will be used in my Mediterranean style dishes, or tomato based pasta. Thinly sliced preserved lemons make great, refreshing flavour when added in salad.

This batch was made with love about 3 weeks ago. I have used the first few slices a few days ago in my spaghetti bolognese and today a few slices were added in my kerabu perut (cow’s intestine salad….)


There. The kerabu perut is the dish on the right hand side. It isnt that disgusting as it sound. Really! It is basically cow’s intestine, cleaned properly and boiled for hours to soften it. The cooked intestine is then cooled before being sliced thinly. Other ingredients include minced garlic, sliced Bombay onions, chopped mint and coriander leaves, a small amount of pounded bird’s eyes chili, a few dash of fish sauce, salt and sugar to balance off the taste. In addition to this, I have added grated ginger, pureed torch ginger and slivers of preserved lemon.

It was a burst of texture and flavour in the mouth. Sweet, sour, salty, spicy….Beautiful.


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