Now Everyone Can Blacklist

My friend and her husband have come up with this awesome website called the BlacklistPlanet where you can blacklist anyone and anything. It is not only a review site but serves as an info sharing platform where you can warn others of bad experiences or mistakes that you have made, and hope that other readers will learn from this.

BlacklistPlanet has a story behind its conception. This young couple was coming to a point where both of them were so annoyed at home wreckers, cheaters, bad service, scams etc etc (sounds familiar) and if only there were ways to know all of these right away. They also figured that if this idea is making them happy, it should make everyone else happy too!

I could almost imagine the light bulb moment for them….

And that was how it came about.

The Other Half of the founders explained to me that BlacklistPlanet has a simple mission and that is to create a global Blacklist of individuals, businesses, and products that have been taking advantage of others. What better way to improve the lives of everyone than by letting them know who and what to avoid? Others can then make more informed decisions based on the information provided. Cheating lovers, dishonest contractors, lawyers, nannies, lying job searchers, non-paying tenants, defunct products, stealing maids, animals abusers, wife/husband beaters, horrendous hotels, bad service, horrible food and restaurants… virtually everything that people should be aware of. They have also included mechanism to manage abuse of listing.

Try it out guys. Go to



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