Kuala Lumpur-Kuantan-Tioman-Malacca-Kuala Lumpur

The long awaited album. I had forgotten where I placed the thumb drive to upload the pictures from. Silly me.

This wonderful trip was taken over a long weekend stretching over only 3 days in May 2012 but felt it was longer. Wonderful drive right along the coastal road. We so love the East Coast that we kept on going back again and again.

This time around the journey started (as usual) from Kuala Lumpur with an overnight in Kuantan. The next day, we bantered which direction to go – up north to Terengganu or down south towards Johor. We finally thought that going down south was a fantastic idea as we have gone up towards Terengganu.

We drove past by all these wonderful green, thick forest towards Rompin making the occasional stops at the various small stalls by the roadside. Even saw a huge alpha male monkey by the roadside as we took the road towards Muadzam Shah. He was standing there like a gatekeeper. Did not stop long enough to snap pictures of him…..

Finally, we arrived in Rompin and wanted to catch the ferry to Tioman Island. As usual, this adventurous couple had no prior room booking and planning whatsoever. We just decided to call the list of accommodation we saw at the jetty, booked one for the night at this small resort called The Panuba Inn Resort and went straight to get the ferry tickets.

The ONLY thing we did not do was to ask how long the ferry ride was going to take….

We were still in the ferry after more than an hour later and in pitch black right in the middle of nowhere in South China Sea. We slept, we woke up, and still no sight of the land, or lights from the land. After a while, we saw some flickers of light beyond. But wait! It was not our stop. Ours, as we were told, was the last stop after many stops!


Our tummies were hungry, I needed a long shower and George did not like the pitch black outside.

Finally after what seemed like forever, we saw our jetty faintly lighted by tiny lights. As we stepped outside of the ferry, I could smell the salty air and tiny waves lapping the sides of the ferry.


The next morning, we woke up to this breathtakingly beautiful sight. This was taken at around 7.30 am right outside of our chalet which was built right above the water.

The drive after Tioman Island took us to the scenic inter- state routes passing by Kluang. Took us a while to drive around the town and realized that it was not as small as we thought it was…..we counted there were at least three big shopping malls!

Last stop was Malacca, one of our favourite cities. Again, no hotel booking. We decided to try our luck at the new Marvelux Hotel. Highly recommended. Great service with equally great, clean simple room and at a rate that we did not mind paying.

We explored Malacca’s Jonker Street the next day just as how we did in our previous trips. Even stopped by to eat a bowl of durian cendol with the aromatic brown sugar syrup. Lovely!


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