2013 – Here It Is!

This is my very first posting for the year in 2013. Wow! How time flies. I didnt even know where 2012 went and here it is, the new year.

Has it been an eventful year? Not really. It was all a mixed bag really, filled with some uneventful events..and some were quite pleasant.

For one, George and I had a few of our weekend trips to several places. I truly enjoyed our drives to Cameron Highlands, Penang, to the East Coast and Pahang. In July, we were in Langkawi for our honeymoon (again). I’d like to think that all these trips were the ones that has kept us sane. KL is hectic that I can just barely tolerate the traffic. Shopping malls are pack with people irregardless of time of the day. Roads are choke full of vehicle. It doesnt help that some drivers are bordering to being insane drivers.

In the same period, George left his full time employment and started a company.

The Aidil Fitri this year was a quiet affair although we decided to splurge a little bit on the attire. Yeap, they looked fantastic though. I have also planted my late Abah’s grave marker and it is looking better.

There was a huge clan gathering of the Muhammad Jabar clan back in Pahang with a total turnout of 300 over clan members country wide.

A few of our four-legged kids passed on……

We celebrated The Girl’s 21st Birthday last October at one of our favourite places – Porto Romano, Mont Kiara. It was a small dinner with a few of her close friends and plenty of cupcakes from Cupcake Chics.

As we entered the new year, the company that we both founded – Dragonfire Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd, came up with its corporate mission – our mission is to increase the operational efficiency and domestic/international competitivenes of Malaysia’s SMEs. George finally verbalized our true calling over a few mugs of coffee and tea at Starbucks. Catchy huh? I told him that perhaps his real mission in life is to teach.

Finally, my parting word for the new year:

  • we dont have to prove our self to anyone else but to our self
  • there is God who works in the most mysterious ways to help us out in life
  • when there is one door closes, 10 other doors open up for you provided you look at them closely
  • to build a business/life you need positive people within your network. You dont need toxic people who will eventually drag you down
  • keep on fine tuning your strategy in work/career/life until it works



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