A Whirlwind Month Of January And It Gives Me Headaches

It is now approaching February and I am still stuck in early January, reminiscing about how I celebrated Christmas….sigh….looks like the hands of time has just passed me by quicker and quicker.

So many things have happened in the last many weeks. They are all like a bag of mixed nuts. The new year started off with a few promising workshops and recruitment drive. I was happy. I  still am. I even earned the nick name “Bulldozer” by George.

I exited out from the last project with a client last November 2012. Was there for almost a good year and I guess some good things need to come to an end. The project was close to my heart as it involved all of the human resources network that I bring in my 25 years of career.

Then, come early January 2013, another client decided that there is a shift of focus in his business direction and hence leaving my services…..redundant. Again, all good things must come to a stop at one point of time or another.

After leaving a full time employment since last 2011’s July, things were smooth sailing. Projects were coming in in steady stream and I saw a good, healthy top and bottom lines. However come the final quarter of 2012, the good tidings just change for some reason.

I have been putting off the drafts for my editor friend who owns and manages a successful publication for SMEs. She had asked me to write, on a weekly basis for her online publication, articles on SMEs from human resource perspectives. I jumped at the chance but to only sizzles in the next few weeks.

This cannot be happening to me.

So, the focus for the next few immediate weeks may look like this…..

  • write for my friend
  • roll out programs for my new 2013 clients
  • plan for March (George’s birthday)
  • plan for June or July. I want to be in Taman Negara.

…and I am not asking for a lot more.



All I Want To Do…

…is to escape to a far-away island. White sandy beach, clear water, swaying palm trees.

Good chalet facing the ocean.

Plenty of seafood to eat. Oysters would be nice.

Full stop.

I need to get away from the city. It’s driving me nuts.