Enter The Year Of The Snake

This is a kind of belated Chinese New Year post but I guess it is better be late than never.

The neighbourhood was relatively quiet for a Chinese New Year celebration unlike last year when there were several neighbours had their open houses with fire crackers blasting away. We had fire works as well started off from somewhere in the neighbourhood, although I have no idea where they got them from.

This year, the next door neighbours had a very quiet celebration. The great thing about having a neighbourly neighbour is that, you get goodies on festivals like this!

Photo1477The Wongs next door was kind enough to give us a goodie bag filled with Mandarin Oranges, pineapple tarts and packets of peanuts. Considering that our kids sometime would venture out a little bit too far onto their porch and scare the Lady Of The House, that was a very generous gesture of them.

The Resident Committee is also organizing an Open House sometime next week. For those who do not know what an Open House in Malaysia is, it is a practice by many Malaysians each time there is a festive season. Be in Chinese New Year, Eidil Fitri, Deepavali, Christmas, . Open House means an act of inviting and welcoming guests into one’s home and enjoying the host’s hospitality. Guests will be served with food (plenty of food…) and most of the times, a money packet. Depending on which festival you go for this Open House, you get “red packet” for Chinese New Year, “green packet” for Eidil Fitri and so on…traditionally started by the Chinese community in Malaysia. It also symbolizes good luck.

When I was young and back in the small town of Raub, I used to follow my parents to the family friends’ open houses. Being a family with so many Chinese friends, we usually ended up going to so many houses and I, of course being a child get the ang pow (red packet). Towards the end of the day, my pocket will be filled with ang pow packets. Usually, the amount in the packet will differ – the closer you are to the family, the more you get….

And so, closing off for this post, I would like to wish all of my Chinese friends and readers a prosperous Happy Chinese New Year!


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