George’s Birthday

His birthday was over about a couple of weeks ago and I have been meaning to post some pictures. Kept on putting it off until tonight.

His birthday fell on a Monday and so it was not such a perfect day to do any gathering due to it being a work day. And so, I planned for a surprise cake cutting for him. It so happened that on 3rd March, a Sunday, the association that I am with had planned for a small gathering at a spot near their office. I thought it would serve as a fantastic opportunity to have the group celebrating his birthday with him.

tea time spread

Birthday Boy

The thing is, his birthday celebration did not end on that Sunday. It got carried to Monday too.

Emi, Jaja and Che Mad, Emi’s bf had agreed to meet up with us at George’s favourite banana leaf rice restaurant on Monday evening for a REAL birthday dinner. Nothing beats being different than celebrating your birthday at a banana leaf rice restaurant.

And so, on Monday evening we all gathered at Sri Nirvana, Bangsar.


Check out that huge grin on his face!


Our dishes….we had chicken, lamb, fish and plenty of vegetable.


With his birthday gift!


We got home for some coffee and another round of cake cutting. These are the “kids” busy snapping pictures. (L) Jaja, Emi and Che Mad.


Happy birthday, my darling!


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