Origami Condom

I haven’t the faintest idea how a condom could be an origami. But that was what it was – origami condom.

Apparently, some dudes named Daniel Resnic and Ray Chavez had created this revolutionary condom from silicone instead of latex. Most probably a God-sent creation to those who experience allergy to latex, I found this new creation intriguing. Interestingly, they created not one, not two but THREE types of condom namely for male, female and (check this out…) receptive anal intercourse condom(?). Really?

Check out the video link and article here.

The site’s link is here.

This reminds me of an ex contract employee who worked for my company in the hospitality division. She was great at what she did. She trained the junior crew in table setting and all that. But, she was also allergy to latex so that when certain food prep had to be done, she had to use plastic gloves instead.

The one thing good about this is that, I told her, that this condition was a way to be celibate until she get married….hehe…

Now, I wonder how much would this origami condom cost in the market…….wait…I have another question…..would they rig my idea and produce curry-flavoured condom?

Wait, I have ANOTHER question…do they send samples…?


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