I thought I’d re blog a few favourite postings I had. Enjoy!

Life Is One Big Stage

First and foremost I must thank George for being the inspiration to this blog piece today. You see, we can talk about anything and everything under the sun. We can agree to disagree about something and yet always find some middle ground to move forward on how we address issues. He does the filing and stuff. I hate those. I clean and wash floors. He does laundry. I wash dishes. He puts them away. I cook. He sets the table. We go shopping. He carries the bags without me asking. We came back home from work. He gives me foot rubs. I iron his work shirt. He makes me coffee. Oh. He cooks too. I pick movies, he gets that going by booking online. We cross the road, he automatically reaches out for my hand. I got introduced to his friends and colleagues.

Each and every night, he would tell…

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