3 am thoughts

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.



Post Eidil Fitri

The recent Eidil Fitri was a quiet affair. We did not have the Open House as what we used to do every past years. Instead, we cooked for several good friends who came to the house for “makan”, had good chats and exchanged stories.

The baju kurung was ready from the tailor. Thanks to George who picked up the tab for that piece. The saree material that I bought from the recent India trip turned out to be an awesome looking baju kurung.

Here are our recent Eidil Fitri pixs:




Lyn and George


Even Arthur wanted to celebrate…..

Do Not Settle For Crap In Your Life

As we go through life, and age creeps up at a higher number than last year, you bound to meet so many type of people. Some are good and some..are just so toxic that you do not even want your Guppy to be in the same room as them. Life is not all about money, and you must treasure the people around you. Do not be that toxic, do not be abusive. Live life as clean and honest as you can as that is the only life you have.

Oh, dont take crap as well as life is too short.

New Post In August 2013

After three months of experiencing writer’s mental block, today I decided to re visit my blog.




Kinda long to abandon something that I love doing. I can see the cobwebs hanging every where…

Actually, there were so many things that I wanted to write about during that space of three months. So many things happened and yet, as I began to type out words, they wont come out as I wanted them. I so desperately wanted to write about The Girl, a new client, the Ramadhan and the Eidil Fitri, several short trips George and I did, our new furkids, those furkids who got sick and eventually crossed the Rainbow Bridge….

I will attempt again right after this.